Statistics Multiple Choice Questions

Some students consider statistics multiple choice questions test a walk in the park, because the answer is there and if you know the subject, there is no way to fail it. However, there are also students that get confused by similar answers and end up giving the wrong answer. If you are one of the latter individuals, then you can read these tips and they will help you to do a lot better on your next statistics MCQs quiz.

First thing that you should do on any test regardless of the subject and its complexity is to answer only questions you are absolutely certain about. This is due to the fact that questions that you know will take you very little time to complete, thus leaving you more time to think on the harder ones.

If you are not sure about the answer, you should narrow down your choice to two answers. Thankfully, almost any questions has one of the answers that are obviously wrong, so if you have at least slight idea about what the question is all about, you will be able to narrow down your choice to two or even one most appropriate answer. In many instances one of the answers will provide only a partial answer to the question, so if you will read the question carefully, you will be able to answer it correctly.

Many students are not so afraid of statistics MCQ tests as of scantron sheets, because you have to be very careful at filling in those bubbles making sure that you are filling in the right bubble and do it so that it is all filled for machine to accept the answer. If you are skipping the question, make sure to skip it in the sheet, otherwise you will end up providing wrong answers to all the questions.

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a) A

b) B

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d) C

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