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At the end of the semester I got so much work that I wasn’t able to write multiple choice questions for my Math class. The only choice I had was to turn to Multiple Choice Questions Service and you know what? They lived to my expectations and provided me with great questions right on time. Thanks a lot!

Mary, FL

Multiple Choice Questions Test Strategy

Our multiple choice questions service wants to be sure that you get the highest results for multiple choice questions. That’s why we offer you top quality services! Any multiple choice test can be done by our experienced specialists! But there are certain circumstances when you have to pass a multiple choice quiz on your own, without any help. And to make sure that you get the best results, we offer you a simple 3-step winning strategy!


Take a look at all the questions given. Try to answer them without even reading the given answer variants. It’s obvious that some questions are more difficult than the other ones. That’s why at this stage you will answer the easiest questions. You have to spend no more than 30 seconds on every question. In case you can’t get the answer, take your pencil and put “?” near the question you can’t answer. Having read all the questions given, you will have a clear vision of the entire test. Having done everything described above, try to relax. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Clearing your mind will help you cope with a multiple choice test more successfully.


Now you should examine the multiple choice questions with “?” near them. We advise that you determine the variants which are obviously incorrect. If you identify at least 2 incorrect answer options you will increase your chances to get the correct variant greatly. And of course, having determined the right answer you have to erase the “?”. If there still are some questions with “?” you have to apply such a strategy to solving them.

First of all, remember that the variants containing words like “never/always” are quite unlikely to be correct. Then, “all of the above” is quite likely to be the correct variant, while “none of the above” is very rarely the correct option. You should look for grammatical clues. For example, if the question finishes with the indefinite article “a”, the answer has to begin with a consonant. The longest variant is very often the correct one in a multiple choice quiz.

In case, none of these tips is helpful, just choose the first variant that catches your eye. Anyway, a guess is still better than a blank.


Leave about 10% of your examination time for the final review. You may see that a couple of your answers are obviously incorrect. Thus you will have some time to make final corrections before submitting the multiple choice test paper.

We hope that this simple 3-step strategy will help you cope with any multiple choice test. And there is a simple, 1-step winning strategy! Address to our multiple choice questions service and your test will be done for you by the first class specialists.

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