Multiple Choice Questions Advantages

There are many advantages of multiple choice questions. In case the authors are trained people who can structure all the items properly, this kind of assignment will be very effective. And if the students taking such kind of test are informed about the structure beforehand, they will have some time to prepare and their results will be quite impressive! Having existed for about 100 years the multiple choice tests are considered to be one of the most reliable forms of assessment.

The best thing about multiple choice tests is that they require much less time than some written tests where you have to prove your point of view or explain it in details. This gives a better opportunity to assess the extent of your knowledge. As it was found, multiple choice tests usually take 4 times less time to complete and that makes them a better assessment tool.

Multiple choice questions are considered to be much more objective than a usual written task. You will have to analyze facts, not someone’s opinion. And that’s why your answer will never reflect your point of view. That’s a wonderful point because even if your opinion is different from your professor’s one, that won’t influence the final result. However if the author is not experienced enough the questions may be a bit subjective.

Multiple choice questions will allow assessing your knowledge without taking into account all the irrelevant factors, such as your handwriting or the ability to express thoughts clearly. That’s why once you are sure how to use your answer sheet you can start answering. Thus your knowledge will be the only assessed thing.

Multiple choice questions are used not only at schools, colleges and universities, but also in other spheres of life. And the reason for that is very simple. It is the easiest and most objective way to assess one’s knowledge. No ambiguity, no subjectivity and no irrelevant factors will influence you final result!